The network comprises two categories of membership:

  • members (with voting right)
  • observers (without voting right)

LandAware is a network of individuals interested in cooperating for addressing and promoting issues related to LEWS. Members and observers of LandAware are physical persons sharing the objectives of the network.


Members are associates of at least one working group and have the following rights:

  • voting right in the general assembly;
  • eligibility to coordinate a working group.

At any time, the executive committee may suspend the membership status of individuals whose activities are in contrast with the objectives of LandAware. Suspended memberships are always discussed in the following general assembly, who finally decides on whether to terminate or reinstall the membership status suspended by the executive committee. Existing members can request to withdraw their membership to the network at any time, by simply requesting it to the executive committee

List of Members


Observers have the following rights:

  • participation in the general assembly, without voting rights;
  • participation to activities of a working group, upon acceptance by the chair(s) of the working group.

Observer status is automatically granted, upon request addressed to the executive committee, to any individual that wishes to be informed on the activities of LandAware.

List of Observers