Operational LEWS (WG07)

Reference person

WG Chair: Graziella Devoli (NVE – Norway) 

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information or you wish to be actively involved in the activities of this WG.


The main aim of this WG is to promote the international collaboration among landslide early warning systems operational and/or in a development stage, by describing common rules, strengths, and limitations and by providing examples of best practices and lessons learned.
This aim will be achieved through the preparation of general guidelines for the organization, operation, maintenance, and periodic evaluation of LEWS and through the organization of regional meetings to discuss specific challenges.

Ongoing activities

The project aims to prepare a document in which we will describe general recommendations and common standards of requirements for the organization, operation, maintenance, and periodic evaluation of local and national LEWS.

Regional meetings
The organization of regional meetings aims to promote future collaborations within a specific country or a region and between the region/country and the LandAware community. Three following -up meetings will be organized for Brazil, Central America, and India & Himalaya region.

Teaching material
The project aims to prepare teaching materials specific for governmental employees or those working as forecasters.

All activities will be done in cooperation with other WGs.

Past activities

Two sessions organized at the LandAware Kick-off online meeting

  • Overview of LEWS in Central America region
  • Landslide early warning in Central America – why it’s not working yet?(Link) from ca. 1:05:00 to 1:33:00

Three sessions organized at the LandAware MayDay 2021

Three regional meetings:

  • Regional meeting #1: Latin America, (29 june 2022) in Spanish
  • Regional meeting #2:  Brazil, (4 July 2022) in Portuguese
  • Regional meeting #3: India & Himalaya Region, (13 July 2022) in English