Operational national LEWS (WG07)


The main aim of this WG is to promote the international collaboration among national landslide early warning systems operational and/or in a development stage, by discussing common strengths and limitations and by providing examples of best practices and lessons learned (especially under certain particular weather conditions). The WG aims also to prepare general guidelines of requirements for the organization, operation, maintenance, and periodic evaluation of the systems.


Description of how national LEWS are organized, how they daily operate and how the maintenance and periodic evaluation are performed, through the promotion of short articles, but also i.e. videos, posters, interviews, etc., explaining how the systems operate.
Examples of best practice and lessons learned under specific weather conditions that can be common in many countries.
Analysis of what the systems have in common and preparation of guidelines.

Working Group Chair

Graziella Devoli (NVE – Norway) contact me