Communication with stakeholders (WG03)


The goal of this working group is to promote the involvement and engagement of stakeholders, decision makers and responders in the research of LEWS. Landslide models, forecasts and warnings should be developed with careful consideration of end-user’ needs to ensure that LEWS provide relevant and useful information that supports users to take relevant action according to their responsibilities. As researchers we need to maintain and encourage communication with users to improve understanding of the uncertainties and limitations of LEWS, and the impact this has on usability and usefulness from the user perspective.


Workshops, video meetings and feedback from users of outputs LEWS systems.
Engagement of end users, responders and stakeholders who are involved the communication of warnings.
Skills and knowledge transfer, language development and standardisation.

Working Group Chairs

Chair: Katy Freeborough (British Geological Survey – United Kingdom) contact me

co-Chair: Joanne Robbins (Met Office – United Kingdom) contact me