Glossary and catalog of LEWS

Working Group 1 Catalog of LEWS releases its first/initial version of Glossary and Catalog of LEWS as a result of its activities for the first two years.

The outline was briefly discussed in the Workshop held in October 2022 in Zurich.

It is hoped that members of LandAware, together with other professional communities, refer to the common terminology enlisted in the Glossary and to the Catalog, which definitely needs periodic update, to facilitate communication both internally within the community and externally  with-out for extensional purpose.

The glossary, the catalog, and the related references were prepared by Hiroaki Nakaya (NILIM MLIT, Japan), Graziella Devoli (NVE, Norway), Mauro Rossi (CNR, Italy), Angel Valdiviezo (ESPOL, Ecuador).
The reference lists were revised by Graziella Devoli (NVE, Norway) and Stefano Luigi Gariano (CNR, Italy).

The glossary and the catalog are open and the recommended citation is “LandAware Working group 1 Catalog of LEWS, 2022”.
Complete citation: LandAware Working group 1 Catalog of LEWS (2022). Glossary and catalog of LEWS. Published at

For other information please contact Graziella Devoli.



Catalog explanation and references



Glossary explanation and references