IoT and innovative technologies (WG08)


To promote the application of innovative and traditional sensors in IoT technology for LEWS. Share experience in the development and deployment of real monitoring systems at case sites and pilot studies, starting with three existing pilot studies in the Klima2050 research center in Norway and including additional case sites proposed by the group members. This WG will promote innovation, best practices and experiences in the topic in a collaborative environment.


Topic specific groups will be defined to focus on for working on specific tasks and key aspects at virtual monthly round table meetings.
Scientific gatherings and dissemination initiatives (yearly external webinars, yearly national webinars and yearly seminars) will be encouraged to describe and share the information acquired through the topic specific work groups.

Working Group Chairs

Chair: Luca Piciullo (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Norway) contact me

James Strout (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Norway) contact me
Veronica Tofani (University of Florence, Italy) contact me
Emanuele Intrieri (University of Florence, Italy), contact me