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Summary report of the LandAware Workshop 2022

The summary report of the LandAware Workshop 2022 is now available on the page:

The recordings of the Workshop are available on our youtube channel:

LandAware network WG02 Communication-Networking

Recordings of the LandAware Workshop 2022

The recordings of the LandAware Workshop 2022, held in Zürich/Birmensdorf, Switzerland, on 3-5 October 2022, are now available on our youtube channel.

Manfred Stähli (WSL, Swizterland) and Michele Calvello (University of Salerno, Italy) presenting the workshop and the LandAware network.
Graziella Devoli from NVE, Norway presents “How we deal with summer convective rainfall and big storms
Nikhil Vasu from BGS, UK: Assessment of rainfall-induced landslide hazard at a regional scale. BGS experience through the Natural Hazards Partnership.
Richard Carter, BGC Consulting, Canada: Development of data-driven LEW thresholds for slow moving landslides in western Canada.
Silvia Peruccacci, CNR IRPI, Italy presents “An Italian experience of landslide forecasting along the national railway infrastructure”
Felipe Mandarino, from the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, presents “LHASA Rio – A local LEWS based on NASAs global landslide hazard assessment model
Hiroaki Nakaya, NILIM – Japan: “Landslide Early Warning Systems. Some technical remarks from Japan
Andy Subiyantoro Regional and Local Landslide Early Warning System for Indonesia
Invited lecture by Lisa Luna (University of Potsdam, Germany) “Incomplete landslide inventory data: When is it a problem and what can we do with it?
Panel discussion on the topic “Warnings for natural hazards” moderated by Stefano Luigi Gariano (CNR IRPI, Italy). With Carina Fearnley (UCL Warning Research Center, UK), Rainer Kaltenberger (MeteoAlarm), Yano Atsuhisa (Japan Meteorological Agency).
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LandAware Workshop 2022 done!

Three days of interesting talks, discussions, exchanges, excursions and fun!

Many thanks to all the participants and the WSL organizers!

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LandAware 2022 workshop – Preliminary program published

The preliminary program of the 2022 LandAware workshop, which will be held at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL in Birmensdorf, Zürich, Switzerland, on 3-5 October 2022, is online!

Binding registration by 15 August 2022

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