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New HORIZON-project The HuT kicks off

NEWS received from
Manfred Stähli (Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL)

Today, the recently funded HORIZON-project The Hut (The Human-Tech Nexus – Building a Safe Haven to cope with Climate Extremes) kicks off at Sorrento (Italy) to leverage best practices and successful experiences to deal with the warning of various natural hazards. Ten demonstrators distributed across Europe will for the next four years constitute a muli-hazard arena wherein innovative risk-management tools will be tested and further developed. Several of these demonstrators (in Iceland, Spain, Italy and UK) will include the forecasting, warning and management of landslide events. LandAware is part of the Legacy advisory panel with the aim of linking to our network and forwarding specific information and good practices that are of specific relevance to the LandAware community. We will keep you updated!

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