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New publication on landslide forecasting

NEWS received from
Mirianna Budimir (Practical Action, SHEAR)

A new publication on landslide forecasting was developed by one of the Impact and Influence projects under the FCDO and UKRI-NERC funded SHEAR programme. The title of the work is “Framework for implementation of a landslide early warning forecast model in developing countries: Challenges and lessons from SHEAR.

Forecasting rainfall-induced landslides is a difficult yet important task that can provide time to take action to save lives, reduce economic losses and help to mitigate the impacts of landslides. The type, quality and accessibility of data directly constrain the choice of approach used for the landslide forecasting and its skill. However, in many landslide-prone countries, limited resources, and lack of investment lead to limited data availability and/or insufficient quality data for informed forecasts.
This paper collates understanding from SHEAR consortium members on key considerations for developing territorial (‘regional-scale’) landslide forecasts, particularly in developing country contexts.
The paper has been led by members from Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, the British Geological Survey, the UK Met Office, and Practical Action Consulting International from the LANDSLIP project. The content of this publication has been greatly informed by discussions within LANDSLIP reflecting on project experiences through workshops within
the consortium and across the SHEAR programme.

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